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How to Work with Us

We know you have a wide range of opportunities when it comes to places you can work. John Muir Medical Group does more than just offer you a job — we offer dynamic careers with professional growth and development opportunities.

The John Muir Health Physician Compact

John Muir Medical Group works collaboratively with all physicians and clinicians in the service of our community and participated in the development of The John Muir Health Physician Compact.

Principles of the Framework

The John Muir Health Physician Compact intends to articulate the culture by which we live and work together. The compact outlines an inclusive framework of relationships and tasks to better align and integrate the physicians privileged to work at John Muir Health. The ultimate goal is to manifest an array of behaviors and programs that are consistent with the culture and lead to better quality, better patient satisfaction, increased physician fulfillment, and lower cost. Each physician is expected to work for the common good as part of his/her civic engagement with our community.

Physicians strive to grow intellectually and emotionally, personally and professionally, with integrity and honesty. They strive for self awareness and seek help knowing that in order to give to others, they must nourish themselves. They engage the community to not only improve themselves but others as well.

As a member of a broader team, physicians commit to positive collaborative interactions. Mutual respect and support are manifested in actions and communications that are active, timely, constructive, candid, and focused on what is best for the patient. They commit to give and receive feedback with an open mind and emotional maturity. They willingly offer assistance whether solicited or not and support others as a reliable partner. 

As scientists, physicians will appraise evidence, test notions, keep up to date and adhere to the medical community’s standards of care. As healers, physicians will attend to the mind and spirit of patients and their families. As teachers, physicians will educate and advise. As community members, physicians will take accountability for the judicious and just stewardship of resources.