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To get the most detailed information about a physician, call his or her office. Here are some questions you might want to ask.

  1. What is the doctor’s training and experience?
  2. Does the office accept your insurance?
  3. Where is the office located?
  4. Is it convenient to get there? (Is there ample parking? Is the office accessible by public transportation?)
  5. What are the office hours? (Is it important to you that evening and weekend hours are an option?)
  6. Which hospitals does the doctor use?
  7. Where are routine lab studies and X-rays performed?
  8. If a particular medical condition were to arise, which specialists would your primary care doctor refer you to?
  9. How many doctors are in the practice?
  10. Who covers for the physician when he or she is away?
  11. Will the doctor discuss your health concerns by e-mail or over the phone?
  12. How long is the wait for appointments?
  13. Can you be seen on the same day if you have an urgent need?
  14. How much time is typically allowed for a routine visit?
  15. If an appointment is canceled, is there a charge?
  16. Does the office process claims for insurance, or do you have to pay up front for services and file the claims yourself?

When you're choosing a primary care physician, quality care is right around the corner with John Muir Health. Call (925) 952-2887 or referrals to our top rated physicians with offices throughout Contra Costa County and also in Alameda and southern Solano counties. Visit Find a Doctor to browse an online directory, including doctors’ personal videos.

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